DreamersEcho Volume II: FLY

by JetFalco

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THE WEATHERING KING The sparkle in your pendant is dimming, The memories of a monarch aren't worth living. Deeper is the purple robe we follow, Oh and your throne… Oh and your throne… No longer a beacon, the shine in your scepter, No longer a prosperous day in this weather, Every cloud looks the same, When you call upon the rain. Oh, and the water here Flows to be thicker than blood. Oh, and the people here Lose their hope in you, the chosen one. Oh, and the pots they mold How they crack in the cruel sun. Oh-where will your tale be told When-so-called justice comes undone? This song is dedicated to failure, To hopeless ending, enduring tenure, but to perseverance, we raise our fists Higher than this … Higher than this. This land in which we're taught to care for Told to nurture, but shown to tear or Let it get chapped more than lips were then, Back in the days you spoke fire in our hearts… Oh, and the jewels in your crown Shine with the deep red of blood. Oh, and the people, your crowd, They lose the hope in their chosen one. Oh, and your statues they mold Now weathered in ruthless sun. Oh, will your tale be told When your justice comes undone? Undone… Undone… Undone. How beautiful it truly is, When winners lose it and admit it, And accept their rightful place Among the hopeful, forgiven, … and graced. Oh, and your fading crown Is sinking to rivers of blood Oh, and the faceless crowd All drift away one by one Oh, and the tales they told How every head fell at once Oh,-when will your knees be folded as you fade into the sun?
Such courage and altruistic zeal for the future exhibited by you on that fateful night. By light of the Silver Moon, a new blessed sight was granted to us all... to see through past battle lines, and through the fog of war. No longer shall our steel graze the throats of our brethren. Nevermore shall our soldiers fall in the shadow of a nation. The final victory we share is one of steadfast peace. Our peoples are unified. Let them rejoice. Let them sing and dance. Let them drink and lift boisterous shout across the very same skies and light of the Silver Moon. They need that reminder. As do we all. For the day fast approaches when our bond will be... threatened. I've seen it. A relentless fire blazes across our lands, taking our cities... our people. My every waking thought is fixed upon this lurking FATE. Finalia, City of the SeaSky... MY city... FALLS. Waves of ruthless soldiers siege our beautiful capital... and through the fire, I see a single soul... A CHILD. ...Draped in shadow, bathed in a chilling crimson light. Without hesitation, and within a few short breaths, I can only watch as the Peace we fought so valiantly for... crumbles to naught. We cannot allow this to pass. We must bind our people as ONE... ...or fall as many.


TAKE YOUR COMIC READING FURTHER. Download the SECOND Volume original soundtrack to complete the DreamersEcho SoundComic experience. Includes 10 total tracks: 8 read-along chapter songs, and 2 bonus songs. Bonus songs include: Main Volume 2 Theme and Special Scene Theme, "The Weathering King."


released November 1, 2018

Music by JetFalco, except track 1 by Nick Hegre & JetFalco. Additional production by Nick Hegre.
©2018 DreamersEcho, by JetFalco. DreamersEcho.com.


all rights reserved




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